A Message from the President

They say it takes 10 years to become an expert. This is where I agree but yet, I agree to disagree. I started in this business in July 2009 as an entry level account representative and I have learned more about myself, people, business, leadership and development than I ever thought I could. While making mistakes and seeing success in myself and the people around me, it takes much more than 10 years. It takes a lifetime.

Even though we have expanded to multiple cities across the country, we have so much more to do and to learn. It has been an adventure and we are just getting started. A few years ago, I expanded our company from Tulsa to the beautiful Las Vegas and I never been so excited to lead us to the next level. Through the support of my friends, mentors, family and coworkers; we would not have had experienced this kind of  growth. My personal goal is to expand to 4 more locations in 12 months and to help change the lives of our clients and employees along the way.

The purpose of this blog is to let the outsider catch a glimpse of our people, our company culture and to see our work hard, play harder environment. We may even throw some little nuggets of wisdom out there. Enjoy and cheers!

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