Who is Apollo Concepts?

There are few things more satisfying than looking over the company you helped build and realizing the positive impact it has had on the lives of its team members and their families. This impact comes down to a few different factors: our leadership team, the growth we provide, and most importantly, our office atmosphere. Here at Apollo Concepts, we believe that when you offer the opportunity to grow, travel, network, and build relationships, you are providing the ingredients for professional and personal success. Today we hope to give you a better insight into what we believe is the driving force behind our success here at Apollo Concepts.

Our management team believes that amazing leaders in business are the ones that were given the opportunity to grow and develop their skills before being asked to take on more responsibilities. It is vital to a person’s growth that they have a chance to practice and develop their skills before being asked to lead and manage a team. Here at Apollo Concepts, we train and promote from within. By providing our team members the chance to develop their skills at their own pace, we organically promote them into management when they and their results show they’re ready. 

Part of our training is to provide networking opportunities through travel! Our team travels throughout the country attending national sales/marketing conferences and management seminars. This gives our team members the chance to speak directly with top executives in our business and pick their brains. They pick up training styles, books to help them stay organized and motivated, and most importantly, tips on being strong leaders.

The strongest tool that has helped us build a rock-solid team here at Apollo Concepts is our office atmosphere. As Vince Lombardi said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” One of the ways we build strong relationships is through weekly office nights. Our team members get together to relax and have fun! These bonds not only create a familial work environment but allow team members to grow comfortable with each, which promotes collaboration and cohesion. Company culture, above all, is the backbone to our success.

In short, Apollo Concepts is a team of passionate, caring team members that are prepared to not only build their own success but their teams as well. As the year starts coming to a close and you reflect on the goals you accomplished personally and professionally, look around and ask yourself if your company offers you internal advancement opportunities, networking and professional development, and an energetic environment. If yes, congrats; if not. don’t stop until you find that place for yourself! Demand and expect only the best for yourself. 

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