How to Push Through the Mid-Day Drag

No matter our career paths, walks of life, or past experiences, we can all agree on one thing- 2pm is the hardest hour of the day. There are many theories behind the mid-day drag, to some, it’s the lunch break that seems impossible to rise from, for others, it’s the sight of coworkers slowly packing up and leaving. Whatever fuels your mid-day drag, we have the solution. Here at Apollo Concepts, we have collected our top tips on working through the mid-day drag and boosting productivity in the final hours of the workday.

Snack Often

Hunger leads to burnout, which is the strongest offender in the fight against the mid-day drag. Keeping small snacks in your workspace will not only fight off hunger but keep you mentally awake and ready to work all day. Of course, the healthier the snack, the better you will feel. We recommend almonds or trail mix to keep you on task mentally, and in check physically.

Energize Your Lunch Break

It can be extremely difficult to find the energy to push through your day after you have indulged in a big meal. It is easy to crave a cheeseburger and fries after spending the morning staring at a computer screen, but remember that post-cheeseburger, you are the least productive. Use your lunch break to fuel you through your day. Whatever your meal of choice, make it one that will infuse you with the energy you need to work.

Take Small Breaks

As easy as it is to get caught up in a task, don’t let yourself wilt in your chair for hours on end. It is not good for your eyes, body, or mental state in the office. Here at Apollo Concepts, we recommend taking a break every hour or so. Whether that be a walk around the office, practicing some light stretching, or simply standing up and staring at something that is not a screen. The longer you trap yourself at your desk, the quicker the burnout will come.

Keep Busy

A surefire way to lose steam in the final hours of the day is the feeling of nothing to do. We get it, you walk into the office in the morning fully energized and ready to go, you fight the urge to go to lunch until your assignment is completely done, and then you return from said break stuffed, exhausted, and searching for something to do. Here at Apollo Concepts, we urge you to plan out your day in a way that helps you. Work smarter, not harder. Save yourself a chunk of work that needs to get done for after your lunch break. Don’t let yourself become idle post-lunch.

There is a chance you’re scrolling through this article during your mid-day drag. Maybe it is 3:30 and the only thing you can find the mental energy to do is skim this piece. If all of these tips fail, then give yourself a break and accept the burnout, it happens to all of us. From all of us here at Apollo Concepts, we wish you a happy and focused work day.

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