20 Simple Steps to Daily Happiness

So often it seems that true, unending happiness is unattainable, or at least so beyond reach that we don’t know how to grasp it. People search for happiness in experiences, in people, in things, in places, in careers, in art. However, here at Apollo Concepts, we believe in a much simpler happiness, one that is so attainable, so in reach, that a change in a daily routine in all one needs to access it. Not totally with us yet? Let us explain. We’ve compiled our 20 simple steps that you can do every day to become a happier person, live a more peaceful life, and even find more success in love and work. Intrigued? Keep reading.

  1. Try something new every day. A new activity, a new food, a new place. Complacency never bred happiness.
  2. Call a friend or a family member. Foster and grow at least one relationship per day.
  3. Watch a documentary. An open mind is a happy one.
  4. Shut off social media if you need to.
  5. Cook a new recipe.
  6. Organize your life. It is easy to feel stressed when you’re surrounded by a mess of your own creation- literally. Clean your house.
  7. The effect of exercise on your physical health, mental health, and self-esteem simply cannot be ignored.
  8. Change your sheets. This one sounds odd, but the power of a crisp, clean sheet on your mental health at the end of the day cannot be put into words.
  9. Make fresh coffee, in a real coffee pot. Your house will smell incredible all day, and you can thank us later. Sorry, Keurig.
  10. Watch The Office
  11. Watch Parks and Rec
  12. Watch 30 Rock
  13. Stop watching TV and go to work. Everyone needs a day off sometimes, but hard work feeds your brain.
  14. Light a candle. Our favorite: BBW Mahogany Teakwood.
  15. Spend an hour outside. Nothing is more healing than a cool breeze and a little sunshine.
  16. Open your mind to the experiences of other people and donate not only your time but your presence to those who truly need it. Volunteering will not only add to your own happiness but will truly make a difference in the world. Not sure where to start? Pick an issue you are passionate about and find a local organization dedicated to service.
  17. Clean out your fridge. A clean fridge is a clean mind.
  18. Shower every day, even when you “don’t feel dirty.”
  19. Make plans. Live in the present, but always plan for the future. Always having something to look forward to.
  20. Accept your own level of happiness. Not every day will be a day of frolicking in a sunny field with a popsicle and a golden retriever, some days are just lifeless. Take the good with the bad, and keep on keeping on.

From all of us here at Apollo Concepts, we wish you all of the happiness in the world.

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