The Art of Getting What You Want

What does it mean to “get what you want?” Is it professional success that you seek, stronger relationships, agency? Here at Apollo Concepts, we may not know exactly what you want, but we know how to get there. For most of us, success and happiness will not fall into your life like a million tiny raindrops, but rather in the form of the ribbon at the end of the long race. You have to work for what you want, and lucky for you, we’ve got just the advice to kickstart your run.

Do it Yourself

The biggest roadblock in the art of getting what you want is the excuse that things are beyond your control. Physical phenomenon aside, if you work hard enough nothing is out of your control. Don’t create an excuse out of where you live, how much money you don’t have, your age, your experience, your education level, etc. Here at Apollo Concepts, we believe there is no excuse for complacency, and if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it yourself.

Find a Way Around “No”

Kylie Jenner was recently on the cover of Forbes for being on track to be the youngest self-made billionaire in history. If her story, and the story of so many in business, tells us anything it’s that there is no one way to do something. If you look to some of the most successful business executives and “big names” in the world, many of their paths to success take a unique shape. This works in reverse as well- a traditional college degree, and a part-time job does not guarantee a successful career. The point being, there are a million different ways to get from point A to point B, don’t be discouraged if the first path you attempt doesn’t work out.

Observe, Don’t Yearn

The age of social media has ushered in an entirely new issue plaguing the professional world, and cloud people’s ability to see what they need for themselves: jealousy. It is easy to sit in your office day after day, scroll past photos of your college friend traveling the world with no sign of employment or financial struggle, but envy never brought anyone success. The key to getting what you want is doing what you need to do for you, which will look different from what persons A, B, and C need. Observe and learn from the success of others but recognize that you are paving a path that is unique and totally your own.

From all of us here at Apollo Concepts, we wish you all the luck in the world- now go get what you want.

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