Ace the Interview – Everytime

Here at Apollo Concepts, we know that the job market is tight, and the interview circuit is the big leagues. We believe that you need to know the rules to play the game- that is where we come in. If you want to ace the interview and snag the job, you’re in the right place.

Do Your Research

When it comes to the interview process, the interviewer can smell brand awareness your skin. Walking in blind is never the smart move, and research is the only way to gain sight. Always research the company before the interview. A key way to kill your chances in the first five minutes is answering “no” to the question, “so do you know anything about what we do here?” How is an interviewer supposed to believe that you genuinely want to work for their company when you have little to no knowledge of their business, background, clients, etc. Do a google search and set yourself up for success.

Sell “You”

We all wonder the best way to spin the dreaded “weaknesses,” but here at Apollo Concepts, we know that you have more to offer. Now that you have done your research, you can start to think about your individual strengths and experiences and how they complement and cater the company’s needs. Always assume that you are interview #1 out of 10 interviews for that day-how are you going to stand out. What will you bring to this company that none of those other candidates will?

Turn the Tables

From our Apollo Concepts family to you, our biggest piece of advice is this: walk into that office with three questions ready to fire. An interview should be a conversation, not an interrogation. At the end of the day, you are there to see if you would be a fit for this company culture, business goals, business model, etc. Never feel “pushy” or “aggressive” by asking questions, in fact, interviewers prefer when candidates show genuine interest and curiosity by asking questions.

Don’t Fear Small Talk

An important part of a candidate evaluation for the interviewer is the social interaction. At the end of the day, company culture is imperative. If this was not a priority for interviewers, all interviews would be conducted through Skype or even E-Mail. Yes, you are there to talk business, but don’t be afraid of the small talk. Showing ease and comfort with casual conversation and socialization will go a long way in the interviewer’s mind when considering your place in the company.

With these tips and our faith in you, we know that you will ace the interview and get the dream job. Don’t forget the little people when you reach the top and don’t forget about us here at Apollo Concepts.

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