April’s Rising Star At Apollo Concepts, Francesca Valley👩🏼‍💼

Good energy surrounds Francesca Valley, Human Resources Manager here at Apollo Concepts. An outgoing, goal-driven cheerleader, Francesca was a natural fit within our HR Department and valuable addition to the corporate culture here at Apollo almost a year ago when she joined. This is her story:
Born in Oklahoma City and raised in Norman, Francesca grew up an awkward child (her own words, haha) with an older sister and passion for gymnastics! Stemming from gymnastics, Francesca began her cheerleading career in middle school and continued onwards with a competitive squad onwards through high school. A fun fact about Francesca is that her sophomore and senior year her team competed nationally and even placed 2nd at Nationals her final year in high school! On top of that, she also played on her high school’s bowling team and won state there too; she’s talented, we know!!
Attending Northwestern Oklahoma University in Alva, OK, Francesca continued forth with her cheerleading career and spent the next 3 years with her sister focused on academics and athletics! Graduating in December 2015, Francesca walked the stage towards a degree in Business Administration and a desire to work with people. Moving first into bartending and secondly into a cashier/customer service role, Francesca realized she was utilizing her people skills but not her degree. She changed that by applying to work with our client broker back in Oklahoma City. Starting first in sales and account management, Francesca quickly made a name for herself as a results-oriented, zero-excuses businesswoman.
Being offered a role as a Human Resources Manager here at Apollo Concepts back in July 2017, Francesca attributes her success to the time she spent learn sales and advanced communications! Her mindset and mental toughness from working with customers have allowed her to excel in her new role at Apollo, including winning a recent company-wide contest to go to the Master’s Tournament. With goals of helping our client expand into 5-7 more locations in the next 2 years, Francesca, along with CEO, Brian Bangor, plan to develop that many people into management to oversee new regional offices! Contributing endless energy and a “roll with the punches” mentality, Francesca is the missing piece our company needed to spearhead growth through recruitment and employee retention.
Spending her free time playing with her cat and exploring all that Vegas has to offer, Francesca is a force of nature taking our company by storm. With her enthusiasm and commitment to her craft, we can’t wait to see where all Francesca takes our Human Resources department and client over the next year. Follow her and the team’s growth on Instagram and prepare for an upcoming interview with her on our website here!


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