Our CEO’s Advice To Upcoming Graduates

There’s nothing quite as nervewracking as walking the stage and coming face-to-face with the realization that the next 40 years of your life belong to the workforce (sorry ’bout it!) At Apollo Concepts, we’ve all been there and while the reality can be scary, it’s also really exciting. YOU and you alone are in control of your destiny and the jobs you take after college, even though introductory, will guide you to a fulfilling career. In an effort to help you find what you’re passionate about earlier in life, I’ve put together some tips I’ve learned along the way to help you in this formative time after college!

The First Job You Take Probably Won’t Be Your Last

Believe it or not, you are probably going to hold a few jobs after college, each serving as a stepping stone to the next. With the Bureau of Labor Statistics recording the average person holding 10 jobs by the time they’re 40 ( and that number increases to 12-15 for the millennial generation), it’s safe to say that your first job after college isn’t one you’re married to. It’s okay to take something outside of your field of study or in a different industry than you originally saw yourself doing. Sometimes the most unexpected positions yield the greatest surprises. I know it did for me studying Sports Management and ending up in the marketing/sales field!

Look To Be Of Value To A Company With Great Values

I interview people at Apollo Concepts every day whose focus is so much on how they will benefit from their next company and position that they forget starting with a new company is supposed to be mutually beneficial. Job seekers that turn into new hires do so because they genuinely look to bring great value to their next company and that energy is apparent throughout their interview process.

Find The Right People With A Purpose

Finding a great position after college starts first with finding the right company. Again, I meet people weekly who fixate on a title they want or a certain pay per hour, rather than focusing on finding a company that has a clear, defined mission, values that it holds dearly, and a team of remarkable people. Trust me, if there’s anything I’ve learned with 10 years in the workforce, it’s that working with the right people and the right company has more of an impact on your happiness and performance than your actual job responsibilities. Think people and purpose when going out for your next interview, not profit!

This next stage in your life is one of the most exciting times undoubtedly. The transformation you will see in yourself from today to next year after a year of experience under your belt will be mind-blowing! You are on the cusp of doing great things for yourself and your family, and hopefully, your influence will stretch even further to help others in need. Remember, each job has a reason and serves as a launching point, look to bring value to a company, and in turn, work somewhere with great people and a clear vision! Good luck!

From the desk of Brian Bangor / CEO of Apollo Concepts.

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