Seizing Opportunities: Sophie’s Story

There are 2 types of people in this world: people who wait for things to fall into their lap, and people who go out and find what they want. Whether this is a metaphor for finding a career, love, friendship, or experiences, the type of people who excel at Apollo Concepts are those that aren’t afraid to get out there and put in the work to get what they want; people like Sophie Njenga.

Born in India, Sophie and family lived there for 3 years before relocating to her father’s native country of Kenya. A happy, outgoing child, Sophie stayed active in swimming, learning the arts of discipline, practice, and teamwork. Her love for people led her to an organization called AIESEC, the “world’s largest non-profit youth-run organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internships, and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. The organization focuses on empowering young adults to make a positive impact on society and includes approximately 27,000 members in 127 countries.” Heavy participation in AIESEC, while still in school, led Sophie to travel to over 20 countries and receive a full time position with the organization managing operations.

During this time, Sophie was studying at Moi University with a concentration in business management and specialty in entrepreneurship! Her desire to be her own boss led her to this choice of study and she hasn’t stopped pursuing it since. In fact, it’s what attracted her to Apollo Concepts a few years later.

When Sophie’s family relocated to the States and she was the last in Kenya (this time completing an internship at a French fashion house in Benin), she decided to emigrate to Las Vegas be closer to her parents! Her job hunt proved fruitful, and within 2 months of moving, Sophie found herself gainfully employed at Apollo Concepts.

From the start, Sophie loved the energy, the team-oriented environment, and the fact that the company promoted people based on their merit and performance. A natural-born go-getter, Sophie knew she could excel in the company’s Management Training Program. From her first day last June, she has treated her work like school, put her focus into her training, and her eyes on the future.

With goals of traveling more and being promoted into a management role before the end of the year, Sophie sees a long-standing future with Apollo Concepts. Her contagious energy and commitment to growth has made Sophie a valuable asset and someone we see helping our client expand even outside of Vegas.

When she’s not at work, Sophie LOVES finding new adventures and catching up on her favorite TV series (just ask her about what happened last on House of Cards and Blackish!). She enjoys discovering Vegas and all it has to offer, and spending time with coworkers outside of the office. We consider ourselves so fortunate to work with someone as strong-willed and career focused as Sophie and can’t wait to see all that she does on behalf of our client this year. Follow us on Instagram for all the latest Sophie sightings, and Sophie – keep being awesome!

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